WebMarkupMin Online

The WebMarkupMin Online a free web-based tools to reduce size of your HTML, XHTML and XML code. Minification of markup produces by removing extra whitespace, comments and redundant code (only for HTML and XHTML).

In addition, HTML and XHTML minifiers supports the minification of CSS code from style tags and attributes, and minification of JavaScript code from script tags, event attributes and hyperlinks with javascript: pseudo-protocol. These minifiers supports multiple algorithms of CSS minification (Mads Kristensen's Efficient stylesheet minifier, Microsoft Ajax CSS Minifier, YUI CSS Compressor and NUglify CSS Minifier) and JavaScript minification (Douglas Crockford's JSMin, Microsoft Ajax JS Minifier, YUI JS Compressor and NUglify JS Minifier).

Also supports minification of views of popular JavaScript template engines: KnockoutJS, Kendo UI MVVM and AngularJS 1.X.

You can save about 20-40% of your bandwith by reducing the size of your markup, embedded/inline styles and scripts.

These tools is based on WebMarkupMin library version 2.16.0.